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Make security your business advantage

Our solutions are designed to help you empower your business. No matter if you want to use IT security as a service to protect your business, as a technical integration to enhance your products and services, or as a powerful asset for your sales portfolio. With our solution we have the ambition to improve the security for the following industries.

Finance and Banking

Secure Transactions: Kinus' encryption can safeguard financial transactions, online banking, and electronic payments, preventing unauthorized access to account information and transaction details.

Customer Privacy: Our solution can protect customers' personal and financial data, reducing the risk of identity theft and fraud.


Patient Data Privacy: Encryption is crucial for securing electronic health records (EHRs) and patient data, ensuring that sensitive medical information remains confidential and compliant with healthcare regulations like HIPAA.

Medical Device Security: Encryption can prevent unauthorized access to medical devices and communication, helping to avoid potential risks to patient safety.

Government and Military

National Security: Sensitive government and military communications require encryption to prevent espionage and ensure classified information remains confidential.

Secure Communication: Encryption is used to protect communications between government agencies and officials to prevent eavesdropping and unauthorized access.

Corporate Communication

Business Secrets: Kinus' encryption can help safeguard intellectual property, trade secrets, and proprietary information, preventing competitors or malicious actors from gaining access.

Employee Privacy: Our solutions can protect sensitive employee data, HR records, and internal communication from unauthorized disclosure.

Legal and Law Enforcement

Client-Attorney Privilege: Encryption ensures the confidentiality of attorney-client communications, maintaining the legal profession's ethical obligations.

Secure Evidence: Encrypted data can serve as secure evidence in legal cases, maintaining the integrity of sensitive information.


Student Privacy: Encryption safeguards student records, grades, and personal information, ensuring compliance with educational privacy laws.

Secure Research: Encryption can protect sensitive research data and academic collaboration from unauthorized access.


Payment Security: Encryption protects customers' credit card information and personal details during online transactions, reducing the risk of financial fraud.

E-commerce Platforms: Encryption helps secure user accounts, order history, and purchase information on e-commerce websites.

Critical Infrastructure

Industrial Control Systems: Encryption secures communication between components of critical infrastructure, reducing the risk of cyberattacks that could disrupt essential services like power and water supply.

Social Media and Online Platforms

User Privacy: Encryption protects personal messages, posts, and private information shared on social media platforms, ensuring user privacy and data security.

Platform Security: Encryption helps safeguard user authentication and login credentials, preventing unauthorized account access.

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